Canelo Alvarez: Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight ‘All for Money’

Alvarez told TMZ Sports in an interview published Saturday the series of spells, including Jake’s victory on former NBA guard Nate Robinson and also Logan’s upcoming exhibition against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in February, aren’t of attention to him he wouldn’t accept an offer to participate in Alvarez explained there’s an inherent possibility anytime a few steps in the ring, however, there exists a difference between a person that has trained their entire lifetime and somebody appearing to capitalize fiscally.

“No,” Alvarez stated. “I truly believe it’s a deficiency of admiration. It is all centered on income. It is all for your own money. I’m focused right now on additional endeavors. I have other stuff happening, and I’d encourage him to get a sparring session so that he understands what it’s all about.”

There continue to be plenty of excellent boxers out there, but the game would use a brand new star capability to emerge to displace famous brands Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, which could generate main-stream interest and massive revenue every time that they stepped from the ring.

Even the Paul brothers started small with matchups versus fellow YouTubers inside their expert debuts. Logan misplaced by split decision to Olajide”KSI” Olatunji in November, whilst Jake defeated Ali”AnEsonGib” Al-Fakhri by the first-round knock out in January. Middleweight champion Saul”Canelo” Alvarez explained the worthwhile struggles involving famed YouTube personalities Logan Paul and Jake Paul reveal a”lack of regard” to the sport of boxing.

The brothers are now trying to capitalize on challenging a number of the biggest names. Whilst Logan locked in an exhibition bout with Mayweather, one of the best boxers in history, Jake is trying to coerce UFC superstar Conor McGregor right back in the boxing environment.

He added: “For authentic fighters, I do believe it is a deficiency of regard .” Jake submitted a movie earlier that week indicating his crew offered £ 50 million to McGregor just to sign up the dotted line, for each TMZ. All told it’s perhaps not the ideal sign for the nation of boxing as soon as the fighters earning the most headlines lately are a pair of prior champs on the age of 50– both Tyson and Jones–and brothers out of YouTube.

McGregor dropped to Mayweather on August 2017. He has scheduled to get a UFC rematch with Dustin Poirier in late January, so any conflict with Paul wouldn’t transpire before spring or summer. Alvarez is one of the few boxers that still possesses such a widespread appeal. Jake received an area on the undercard of the exhibition between former champions Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. a month, and also his brutal knockout of Robinson, who was building his debut went viral.

“My group delivered you a £ 50 million offer you this dawn –$50 million cash, proof of funds, ” the biggest fight offer you’ve been given,” he explained. “But you’re scared to battle with me personally, Conor! You have habituated me because you don’t beg t shed to some f–king YouTuber. You are 0-1 like a boxer. I am 2-0 being a boxer.”

“Ya know, it’s about the amount of money,” he told TMZ. “I don’t think we’d agree that people that are basketball players, who are YouTubers get [boxing] licenses. Ya know, ” I don’t criticize [that the Paul brothers]. This is an incredibly risky game, of course, if you move there up, it is extremely risky.”


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